The Birdhouse Project for Protect Sudbury

The poster advertising the project.

The poster advertising the project.

Last spring, the Sudbury Art Association spearheaded a community outreach/fundraiser: The Birdhouse Project for Protect Sudbury.

The project raised over $5,000 for Protect Sudbury and brought more awareness to the cause.

Sudbury artists donated gorgeous birdhouses and other artworks that were displayed in local businesses and auctioned off in a silent auction during the month of April.

Community members were also invited to come in and decorate their own birdhouses for a donation to Protect Sudbury.

Finally, multiple installations of birdhouses were installed along the intended Eversource path as a method of outreach and awareness. Walkers and nature lovers who happened upon the birdhouses were invited to take the birdhouses home to enjoy and be reminded of the beautiful landscape where they found the house — and make a donation to help preserve it if they were so inclined.

The Sudbury Art Association would like to thank everyone who helped make this project possible. Thank you to Laurel Grove for hosting our decorating event, Northern Bank for their financial contribution, the local businesses who enthusiastically displayed the posters and birdhouses, the artists and community members who donated work, the community who came out to support the arts and Protect Sudbury, and last but certainly not least, the members of Protect Sudbury who work tirelessly to keep Sudbury beautiful, especially Renata Aylward who was our cheerleader, copywriter, and everything else while we brought our birdhouse vision to life.

Check out below to see some of the birdhouses, donations, photos from the event, and photos of the birdhouses along the trails…