Carole McNamee – Mixed-Media, Book Arts

Carole McNamee

Mixed-Media, Book Arts

In 1999, following a first career as a professor of computer science, Carole McNamee turned her energies toward her lifelong passion for the arts with a special interest in the healing influences of the expressive arts. In 2005, she founded Willowbank Creative Center in Blacksburg, VA where she facilitated workshops using the expressive arts for healing and personal growth. She continues to facilitate workshops and trainings regionally and nationally with a focus on contemplative, intuitive art-making and its relationship to the development of consciousness. Following a recent move to Sudbury, MA, Carole is now focused on her own mixed-media work as well as an exploration of book structure and form. While Carole’s familial background leaves her no choice but to have developed a deep connection to books, her artistic manifestation of this connection diverges from that of the rest of her family. Carole is currently integrating her interest in book structure into more traditional artworks. .